California Andrea isn’t a state, she’s a state of mind.





Hi.  I’m Andrea.  Born and raised in California and currently living that military spouse life bouncing around the world with my husband and two kids. 

I fell in love with pole dancing at a time in my life when I was searching for something to have that was solely mine and it changed my relationship with my body for the better.

With nearly a decade of experience, I’m passionate about guiding women like you on their pole dance journey in a way that is fun, positive, and empowering.

I specialize in heels flow, floorwork, foundational technique, walking in heels, and creating captivating performances. 

I also love helping my clients find the confidence to step out on stage and claim the spotlight! Whether you’re aspiring to take the stage or simply want to create a personal routine, I’ll help you craft a performance that reflects your unique style and story.

There’s enough spotlight for all of us to shine!



I walked into a pole studio and fell in love

 It was incredibly hard, and I was sore for days after my first intro class, but I felt like I was flying and dancing at the same time. 

I perform for the first time in 10 years

She loved finding ways to connect to her audience, as well as showcase different characters and tell stories through the pole lens.  

My second child enters the world

Andrea welcomes her second child into the world.  Her heart grows bigger than she thought possible, and her hours of sleep less than ever.  Her training time is more limited now, but she learns how to prioritize self-care and maximize the time she has to dance and learn new pole skills.  Along with that comes a better understanding of her body and her style of dancing.  Rather than chasing trendy tricks, Andrea turns her attention to technique and stylization of movement.

Andrea becomes certified in pole instructions and Liquid Motion. 

Begins her teaching career at The Dollhouse Fitness in Encinitas, CA.  Being a part of her students’ movement journeys was immensely rewarding, and her Liquid Motion and Pole Basework classes were wildly successful.

 In the midst of pandemic lockdowns, Andrea begins teaching online and connects with students all over the world.  

Stage Sirens was Born!

Andrea realizes that many of her clients struggle with the same problems when putting together a pole performance piece.  Through her background in musical theater and years of performing and teaching pole, she developed Stage Sirens: A program designed to help performers create impactful, meaningful, pole performances and execute them to perfection.  The rest is history!

Certifications and Press

I am so proud to have been featured and certified here.

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Liquid Motion 1.0, 2.0, Heels Certified
  • The Dollhouse fitness POle dance & Tricks certified
  • IPIA Webinar: Moms who pole

Let’s Connect


I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me what your goals are or what questions you have – I’m here to support you.