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Balance and Burnout

Preventing Burnout and Maintaining Balance as a Pole Dancing Momma 

In this Moms Who Pole Series, Andrea talks with other badass mothers in the aerial arts and pole community about health and fitness, body image, and celebrating their passions while balancing motherhood, family obligations and career life.

I get asked by a lot of my pole peers and students “How do you do it all?”  They are referring to my pole dance practice, teaching regular pole and liquid motion classes, along with traveling to teach workshops at various studios around the country.  I also stay active in the pole community through attending workshops and camps to better my personal practice,  performing in competitions and shows, oh and I started a podcast called “Moms Who Pole.”  I do all this in addition to a full-time day job, being a mom to two kids, and supporting my military husband as we bounce around the country together courtesy of the USMC.

So how do I do it all?  The answer: I don’t!  

If anyone tells you they can do it all – they’re lying.  Probably to themselves more than you.  I simply cannot do it all.  Understanding that truth helps me to establish boundaries and stick to them, ask for help  (well, really demand it) when I need it and not feel guilty about it, and let go of the things that might matter to some people but really don’t matter to me.  This helps me stay present, be the best mom and wife I can be, ENJOY my time pole dancing, and stay in a creative zone – preventing burnout as a parent and creative artist.

I recently sat down with a dear friend of mine and pole dancing Momma,  Chelsea, to talk about memorializing a newly postpartum body, balancing competing priorities as a new mom, and preventing burnout in that wild first year of motherhood.   Chelsea, aka “Daddy,” is a Mom, pole dancer, and  part-studio owner of The Dollhouse Fitness @thedollhousefitness , a pole dance studio in San Diego, California.  

Watch the episode here:

So what do I let go of or drop the ball on to support my interests?  Laundry.  I can get it in the washer and dryer but putting it away… thank goodness for a supportive partner (who probably got tired of fishing his cammies out of a basket every Monday morning)  Also, sometimes, my creative zone turns into a literal mess, with papers and props scattered around the computer like confetti from a celebration of ideas. 🎨I give myself a few days to get through my “messy creative” period and then I tidy up.  So let this be a warning to you, if you come to my house unannounced, it may or may not be tidy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “shoulds.”  The Shoulds tell us we should be able to have a clean house like that social media influencer mom of 5 who loves her life.  You’ll never see her hiding in the closet to get a moment’s peace!  Or you check out those cool pole moves on social media of a pole star mom of 3 who got her Iron X back 6 weeks post partum.  Remember, you don’t know what was sacrificed to achieve those pictures or less-than-90-second reels.  Social media is just a carefully curated glimpse into someone’s life, often filtered and tinted to show the best angles. But behind the scenes, we’re all juggling the same chaotic dance of life. 

So, to all the moms out there, don’t stress about having a perfectly adorned house or perfectly folded laundry.  And don’t feel like you always have to be happy and stress-free – because who is all the time? In fact, the very toil to be stress-free… oh dear it might just create more stress and burnout.

Life is messy, unpredictable, and constantly in flux. But it’s also beautiful because of that very chaos.  Embrace the mess, the imperfections, and the constant evolution of your journey. 

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