Elevate Your Pole Dance Journey

Unleash Your Inner Artist & Performer

Explore expressive movement, embrace your unique style, and take your pole dancing and floorwork to the next level. Build strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Explore expressive movement, and embrace your unique style.

Build strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Craft a captivating performance piece and shine on stage.

Transition seamlessly between aerial and pole work.

I offer a variety of programs to support your pole dance journey.

Live Classes & Workshops

Learn from my personalized instruction and interactive learning environment during live classes

Take your training anywhere, anytime with on-demand access to my extensive library of classes.

Deepen your skills and knowledge with focused workshops on specific techniques and concepts.


Private Coaching

Get personalized feedback and tailored training to achieve your individual movement goals.

With my expertise and guidance, you’ll learn to

  • Master essential pole and floorwork techniques with proper form.
  • Develop your unique movement style and express yourself creatively.
  • Build strength, flexibility, and body awareness for optimal performance.
  • Create a compelling performance piece that showcases your personality and artistry.
  • Transition seamlessly between aerial and pole work for a richer movement experience.

Unleash your inner artist and performer.

Contact me today to learn more about my programs and start your journey toward pole dance mastery!

“I loved working with Andrea.
Her expertise helped me craft an incredible performance piece that I’m incredibly proud of.”

– Chassie

when you work with me

Here is what you can expect from our time together:

Personalized attention and guidance: I’m dedicated to helping you reach your full potential as a dancer and performer.

Supportive and inclusive environment: I create a safe space where you can feel comfortable exploring your movement and expressing yourself freely.

Positive and encouraging feedback: I’m here to celebrate your successes and support you through challenges.

Fun and engaging learning experience: I believe that learning should be enjoyable and inspiring.

Join me and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and artistic expression through pole dance.

Kind Words

Andrea’s Monday Bend Alongs are a gift for the muscles.


I have been dealing with a glute medius injury off and on that’s really been hampering my splits training, and I knew I needed to supplement what I do in the pole studio at home to make sure I recover well and advance my skills. Cue Andrea’s Monday Bend Along sessions. She really takes the time to wake up and work all the small stabilizer muscles (like the glute medius) that we don’t normally think about so that we can really get into- and feel safe in- our end range skills. Since adding her classes to my training, I’m almost pain free in my hurt leg and I’m very close to where I was before getting hurt. More than that, I feel like I’m really learning how to wake that muscle up and use it properly in training so that I don’t hurt it again. I highly recommend adding Andrea’s bend along classes to your regular practice. She is incredible!”

Let’s Connect


I’d love to hear from you!  Tell me what your goals are or what questions you have – I’m here to support you.