What to Do with Your New Pole

You just got a home pole!  Now What?!

Congrats on taking the next step in your pole journey!  Getting a home pole is that big moment where you’ve decided “yeah… I like this pole thing!  I want to be able to it outside of a studio environment and REALLY train!”  

But now that it’s there, in your house, correctly and safely installed, how do you use it?  How often?  How much?  

As someone who has had a home pole since 2017, I can tell you that without a plan for your new piece of equipment, that pole is either going to start collecting dust and cobwebs, or you’re going to get injured from overtraining.  Neither is ideal for a pole dancer.

  • Always ALWAYS start your training with a warmup.  It’s all fun and games until you do something that your body wasn’t quite ready to do.  Better be safe than sorry and limber up before hopping into a move – even an “easy” move!  As my body has gotten older, the quality and nature of my warmups have become even more important.  Which is crazy because I still think I’m 25.  How can my body be over a decade older?!
  • Make a plan for what you want to train ahead of time.  Give yourself permission to deviate from this plan if the creative mood strikes you but don’t wait until your precious training time has arrived only to sit down after your warm-up to scroll through insta videos to see what looks good to try.
  • Give yourself a set starting and ending time to your session.  I have days where I’m in the zone and keep going, and that’s totally ok!  But having a set “done” time helps keep you focused and prevent overuse injuries.  
  • Listen to your body.  Pay attention to any pain or discomfort and adjust your training accordingly. Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance if needed.  I have a few moments in my pole journey where I thought “just one more time” and regretted that choice.
  • Get a crash mat.  Make sure you’re safe.  Have someone home that can spot you or call for help especially if you are working on tricks!
  • Make a weekly and/or monthly plan for your pole dancing.  This is especially important if you are dividing your time between studio classes, home play, and online classes.  It’s very easy to get caught up in doing all the things and then wondering why you’re not hitting your pole goals and your body feels exhausted!   I created a pole goal planner to help you with this!  You can get it here.
  • Remember to celebrate your achievements!  Give yourself permission to take a rest day or to just dance it out!  
  • If you’re a Mom Who Poles, remember that it’s not your pole.  It’s a vertical jungle gym bar that the kids let you use when it’s your turn.  Remember that your kids will only be little for a short time, and soon they won’t be fighting over whose turn it is on spin.  ::cue the bittersweet tears here::
  • Remember to maintain a regular maintenance schedule for your pole.  Poles are not a put up once and don’t worry about it ever again.  Make sure to clean your pole at the end of each training session, inspect it for defects regularly, and perform appropriate monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance as necessary.  There are a number of articles out there on proper maintenance from individuals that I consider to be better experts on the nuts and bolts of pole maintenance than I am, so I will encourage you to do your homework here!  Most reputable pole companies have a suggested maintenance schedule you can get straight from the company as well!
  • Lastly, and super importantly, DON’T FORGET TO COOL DOWN!  I know, I know… cooldowns are boring and you’ve already done all the pole things and are ready to get on with your day… maybe you’re rushing to get the kids from carline or are late for an appointment… or maybe you’re just hungry… DON’T FORGET THE COOL DOWN!  This is your opportunity to stretch those shoulders, calves, whatever it is that bore the brunt of your workout.  Pole is a brutal sport!  Skipping a cool down may not seem like a big deal, but over time if you do not do recovery stretches and bring your heart rate down, you are setting yourself up for mobility loss and injury.  (I’m looking at you, platform stilettos dancers!  Stretch out your feet and calves!).

Inspired to get a pole?

Did these tips get you thinking it’s time for YOU to get a home pole?  I am affiliated with X-Pole and highly recommend them for a proper home pole setup.  You can even call them and describe your space to get recommendations on which products you’ll need for a successful and safe home pole setup.  You can check out my link here to order your pole today.  (As an affiliate, I will receive a commission from any purchases made through this link).

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